for heavy duty jobs


the operating principle..

 a stationary platform

with  reciprocating jets

Mobil-Jet washers



Mobil-Jet 1055

platform mm. 900 x 900


Mobil-Jet 1575

platform mm. 1350 x 900


Mobil-Jet 2100

platform mm. 1800 x 900


Mobil-Jet 2575

platform mm. 1500 x 1000


Mobil-jet 3100

platform mm. 2000 x 1000

  Special sizes on request  


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model 1055 and 1575

are the most popular models due to their compactness combined with a large platform and a load capacity of up to

2,5 tons

MOBIL-JET® washers

can be equipped with folding door balanced by gas springs and safety supports, or with an air operated vertical door based on two pneumatic cylinders and an inherently safe pneumatic system which stops automatically in case of unexpected lack of energy.

The folding door acts as a load platform when open while VDT models are equipped with a separate platform, floor mounted or on wheels.

The door is interlocked with a cutout of the pump when open. The wash cycle is automatic, timer controlled

The spray chamber is automatically purged from vapours at the end of the cycle before opening the door. Models VDT open the door automatically after vapours have been removed from the chamber.

The workload platform is moved on wheels with bearings to be easily extracted from the wash chamber for load and unload operation.

MOBIL-JET® washers are equipped with electric heating and/or with a heat exchanger for gas or oil heating. The spray chamber and the tank are insulated to reduce loss of heat. Temperature of the liquid is controlled by a thermostat showing the set point and the actual temperature.

The spray system is designed to limit the liquid velocity for high performances and limited loss of power. The centrifugal pump is external and easily accessible for maintenance. Four spray headers with flat pattern calibrated nozzles provide full coverage of parts.

Before re-entering the tank the wash liquid passes through a filter easily accessible for cleaning. Pump and nozzles are protected from solids into the circuit.

MOBIL-JET® washers are equipped with filling, overweir outlet, drain out of liquid,  marine type clean out door, low level cutout to protect the pump and the heating.

The control panel is oriented to the operator at ergonomic height. It contains the timer, temperature gauge, switches and function lamps.

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