for heavy duty jobs


the operating principle..

 a stationary platform

with  reciprocating jets

Mobil-Jet washer



Mobil-Jet 1055

platform mm. 900 x 900


Mobil-Jet 1575

platform mm. 1350 x 900


Mobil-Jet 2100

platform mm. 1800 x 900


Mobil-Jet 2575

platform mm. 1500 x 1000


Mobil-jet 3100

platform mm. 2000 x 1000

  Special sizes on request


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Aero Maintenance

Repair - Overhaul






Mobil-Jet® washers

MOBIL-JET® washers are designed for the cleaning of medium and large sized heavy components avoiding all the drawbacks which arise from the use of a rotating platform for heavy parts.

In addition they give faster and more efficient cleaning plus a fully usable and accessible platform.

The operating principle is based on four spray headers that move through 90° with a reciprocating movement around the work platform which remains stationary. A lower spray-bar with a swiveling movement ensures a perfect cleaning of the underside of the components.

MOBIL-JET® washers are equipped with folding door balanced by gas springs and safety supports, or with an air operated vertical door and a load platform or a trolley.

MOBIL-JET® washers are produced in five standard sizes with load capacity up to 2,5 tons and can be equipped with a wide range of accessories and facilities.


For their characteristics these machines are widely used for heavy duty applications in cleaning mechanical parts such as engines, shafts, gearboxes and all heavy parts in the transport industry, railway, agricultural, power industry. Mobil-Jet are in operation for more than 20 years in production and for overhauling, from F1 sport cars to turbine blades and many other applications.


is the process by which the mechanical action of sprays, the chemical action of detergent and the temperature are combined to achieve the cleanness.

It can be accomplished at pressures as low as 0.2bar up to 100 bar and more. Anyway, the common pressure used in cabin or in line cleaning spray process with aqueous cleaners is of about 2-3 bar combined with a rather high volume while the use of higher pressure is limited to specific areas.

Spray cleaning is used for the removal of insoluble particles such as dust and chips combined with oil, and allows reduced cleaning time although less aggressive cleaners at lower percentage are normally used.

Higher productivity associated with a high degree of flexibility has made spray cleaning the most popular method in the production cycles of the industry.

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